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07/23/2013- Gina. L

I had Airductor Solution out today to clean all my ducts and Vents, as well as the dryer vent.
They were on time, courteous and did an amazing job!
for a very reasonably priced
I will definitely be calling them again in the future and strongly recommend them to anyone who needs their ducts cleaned!

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07/18/2013- Robert. M

My wife and I suffer greatly from allergies so I decided to call an air duct company to clean our duct.
I called  Airductor Solution company after receiving great reviews from family member.
After fixing on a time and discuss how many vents had to be cleaned out, the team came in the next day on time to give a quote, agreed on a price, and got started.
after I saw what a great job they did I asked from them to clean our carpet also.
The whole process took a few hours, but they did get everything. I was amazed.
A+ for the job well done and the price to value. Will use Airductor Solution again and recommend them to my family & friends.

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07/17/2013-  Ryan. M

Last week I called Airductor Solution to do a complete duct work installation in our home. the crew were super friendly and polite and walked us through the whole process .
Our home was built in the early 70's and the ducts were never replaced. Been an old system our airflow was highly reduced and were in serious need of new ducts. Airductor Solution were definitely the right choice. The price was reasonable and was an absolute pleasure to work with them.
highly recommended !!!

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04/04/2013-  Jessica. F

I ordered duct cleaning with these guys ,the technician was very professional he explained about everything. I purchased a uv light as well since I have allergies, turned out to be really helpful. They are very nice and clean, they left no mess in the house...I will gladly recommend them to my family and friends!

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03/28/2013- Eduard. Y

After searching for a good professional home service company I found the solution guys. They know to do everything vary professional excellent work.

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10/31/2012- Clifford. B

We used this Company for the first time, to clean our air ducts in our Condo, they were very professional and through, After they were finished they showed us the results with a special camera, We were very satisfied. although they suggested their UV installation, we have not went with them so far, still reviewing their product. But, for cleaning the system I highly recommend this Company, their employees are very professional and Customer Orientated!


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Airductor Solution

Air Ductors Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning and maintaining a home or business reflects outwardly how we want to be perceived. Imagine going into a business and stepping onto a dirty carpet or desiring a nice cool environment on a blistering hot summer afternoon and not feeling that clean cool air is soothing you.

Air Ductor professionals have the most experienced technicians that Chicago has to offer. Not only do we help maintain your environment we care when we clean, every detail is important. Our goal is satisfied customers.
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Why Us

Why wait for spring to enjoy our Commercial cleaning services? Every nook and cranny is viewed in a unique way. Do the brass knobs need shining? Does the Chrome need polishing? Our Window washing services will enhance your outside view. Even hard to reach areas such as the ceiling fan or baseboards are taken into consideration. Every angle is important, every tile has significance. We want it fresh and shining so you can sit back and enjoy after we finish.

Brick walls, stone facades, vinyl siding are just a few of the areas outside which need power washing. We pressure wash all the dirt and grime away that has collected on the walls and exterior surfaces. Even decks and children’s jungle gyms need to be cleaned. After we power wash, your child can sit with confidence on a clean swing or play on the patio and enjoy a clean environment.

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When summer hits and the balmy weather sets in; we rejoice in the coolness of our air conditioners. Air duct cleaning is essential in order to take full advantage of the cooling system. The air ducts and filters must be kept clean. Air ducts and filters accumulate dust, odors and even dust mites which can trigger allergies. How can you enjoy a cool interior if it’s causing you to sneeze? When the air ducts or filters are dirty the system works inefficiently and uses extra electricity. After our service, you can breathe easy and enjoy the cool air.

Adding color to your environment or protecting your wooden deck is a necessity with Chicago’s harsh climate. Our interior and exterior painting services are meticulous. We work one on one with our clients helping to choose colors and to make sure that everything is well taken care of in the process. Determining which way to preserve your wooden deck is the utmost of importance to us. Not only can we help preserve the wood work we can also do restoration to get it back to its original condition.

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The residential services aim to produce a clean and healthy environment. Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning encompass every aspect from deep cleaning, odor elimination and stain guard. After we finish your carpet or rug will have a pleasant fresh feel and appearance. The carpet price list is affordable with different options listed so you can choose what best suits you.

On a rainy day the first thing you want and need is for your dryer to work efficiently. Cleaning your dryer vents not only helps maintain the machine but helps it work more efficiently, and extends the life of the machine.

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